Focus on playing, not pages

Smart Sync will keep an entire page of sheet music in front of you.
Allowing you to keep playing.

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Create annotations

Forte? Piano? Crescendo? With our software you can have your own annotations and save them in your file.

Music Manager

Practice together

With our Smart Sync you can share annotations with your orchestra members or students.

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Perform together

Stay connected as a team, forget about the pages. When one member progresses your part will follow automatically.

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Carry all your music

Say goodbye to paper and welcome to technology. Thanks to our Scora Software you will only need your tablet to start playing all your scores.


Catalogs organize your music

Be ready faster with the best digital music stand

With our Music Manager you can organise your own library, wether they are your own sheet music or you bought the from a publisher.

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Music Manager

Learn how to use our software

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