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Compatible with all SCORA iPad cases and SCORA Solo

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A safe stand for your tablet

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  • Vertical Scora Tablet with stand from the back


The SCORA stand magnetically interlocks with your tablet or case. Quick, safe and easilly adjustable.

Light portable design

The SCORA travel stand is perfect for taking everywhere with you, light compact and sturdy.

Scora stands offeing
Scora PowerStand charges your tablet on the stand

Charge your tablet

Charge your SCORA Solo Plus tablet without ugly cables. Power is delivered directly to the tablet through the stand in any position

Weight1838g (4.05lbs)1006g (2.22lbs)1881g (4.15lbs)
Length (folded)79cm (31 1/8 inch)72cm (28 3/8 inch)79cm (31 1/8 inch)
Height to center of tablet76cm (30 inch) – 137cm (53 1/2 inch)67cm (26 3/8 inch) – 155cm (61 inch)76cm (30 inch) – 136.5cm (53 1/2 inch)
Charging through standNoNoYes (with SCORA Solo Plus tablet)
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