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Anti-Glare Tempered Matte Glass Screen for SCORA Solo


Make your sheet music readable in all light conditions.Our tempered glass matte screens block out reflections and keep your image sharp while protecting your tablet.

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Product description

Only compatible with SCORA Solo (and SoloPlus for replacing the already present screen)


Anti- Glare

  • Matte screen to reduce glare and to preserve visibility under difficult light conditions. With minimal loss of visual sharpness.

9H Tempered Glass

  • 3 times as strong as plastic film screen protectors.

Round Edges

  • Ultra thin layer with smooth edges for better feel.


  • Creates an anti-fingerprint layer
  • Improves contact of finger with surface which makes it glide much smoother across the surface

No bubbles

  • Easy to apply with no bubbles thanks to the silicon coating on the back.