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TravelStand V3


The best tablet stand to take on the road evolved to its 3rd generation!

Lighter, shorter and especially slimmer than before. Fits in all hand luggage and in the side pockets of many instrument cases.


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Product description

While developing their digital sheet music system, SCORA created not only the best looking tablet stand, but also the one that is the most secure and easiest to use with your iPad or dedicated SCORA tablet.

  • The convenient tablet music stand for iPads and SCORA tablets to take on the road.
  • Lightweight (0,7kg!)
  • Goes from very low to very high (60cm to 170cm)
  • Quick-release clamp allow quick setup and height adjustements
  • Fluid, friction based angle adjustment
  • Detachable head makes the stand shorter for transport
  • Click-on, click-off your tablet with one hand – keep your instrument in the other.
  • Strong magnetic connection secure attaches your Solo tablet or iPad (with SCORA case) without the need for spring-loaded clamps or screws.
  • Tablet or iPad case can be attached in horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • iPad case not included. Available in bundle with SCORA Solo or SoloPlus tablet, or iPad cases.
    Low weight (approx 1kg!) is the key feature of this iPad music stand. It is the best choice to take on the road to rehearsals or concerts.

Bag, SCORA Mountable Case and/or tablet NOT included.

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Weight1,3 kg