What is SCORA?

SCORA is a complete digital sheet music system.

Better than paper. Made by musicians for you, your ensemble and your orchestra.
8 years ago, the first full-size symphony orchestra started playing on Scora tablets.

When will you start?

Great tablets, amazing software

Scora hardware lineup
Get the best stand for your tablet or iPad. Our magnetic stands safely hold your tablet in any position. just click and play.
Need a book-like view? Two pages for keyboard players is what theSCORA Doble is all about.
Size matters.
Our digital music tablets are
big, bigger and huge.
ensemble playing on Scora tablets

Our software will make you forget about paper.

Focus on making music, pages are turned for you and anyone playing with you. Want to see how it works? take a look at SCORA Smartsync
Playing in an ensemble or orchestra?
Speed up rehearsals by linking all musicians together. Doing this lets you move to rehearsal marks, share annotations and start the next part, for all musicians, with a single tap.

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Our system for importing and distributing sheet music is designed for copyrights protection. It provides a secure platform for publishers where selling or renting sheet music to orchestras is simple and safe.

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