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Bundle: SoloPlus tablet + TravelStand + PowerStand



A bundle of the Scora SoloPlus tablet and both our unique PowerStand and our smal and lightweight TravelStand (for taking with you on the road)

Using the PowerStand at home will leave your tablet always-charged and ready-to-go. Your TravelStand will also be ready-to-go, neatly folded next to your instrument case.

SoloPlus Tablet

13.3” Anti-Reflective screen Android OctaCore tablet with integrated SCORA docking mount with integrated charging.

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The ultimate Tablet Stand for SCORA SoloPlus tablets.

SCORA Mountable Case or tablet not included. Buy as a discounted bundle to save money!

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The best tablet stand to take on the road got even better!

Now comes with detachable head to make it shorter, quick-release clamps to make it faster to set up and a transport bag for convenient transport.

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SoloPlus Tablet

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